Why Rent?

The average lifespan of a home air conditioning unit in southern Arizona is 6-10 years with proper yearly maintenance & repairs. Renting an A/C unit is a much more cost-effective solution to air conditioning your home.

Owning an A/C unit:

  • The average cost of purchasing and installing a New A/C unit in Arizona exceeds $5000.
  • Each maintenance service costs around $100
  • Each repair exceeds $400 plus costs of parts

Renting an A/C unit with Priceless Rentals:

  • One-time installation fee as low as $199
  • Free servicing
  • Regular routine A/C maintenance free of charge to our customers. This maintenance prolongs the efficiency, cooling & life of your A/C unit.

Renting an A/C unit is a more convenient, cost effective solution for cooling your home. Our rental contracts are easy and keep you away from the traditional expensive HVAC service calls.