Water Heater Rentals

  • $99 Installation & $19.99 a Month 
  • Worry free- service & repair 
  • One year of renting cost lest than the average water heater repair bill!

When your water heater goes out, you will definitely know it. It is truly one of those out of sight out of mind essential accommodations we are all use to.

In Arizona the average cost of a new water heater can be upwards of $900. Now factor in the cost of maintenance & repairs over the 6-7 year period. Why deal with the worry and the large upfront costs when you can save by renting your water heater!

Most homes in Arizona will qualify for a $19.99 per month rental fee plus a one time installation fee starting at $99. All repair and maintenance is included – Saving you money, time, and repair head-ache. One year of renting a water heater is less then the average service bill!